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It has become very important for every online business to constantly produce content in the form of blog posts. Blogging is part of the branding and online marketing strategy, as it’s proved an effective way to captivate your audience with useful and relevant content and to grow your brand awareness.


One of the great advantages of blogging is the fact that it provides an inexpensive way to increase targeted traffic to a business website and attract a growing number of potential clients.


A recent marketing report published on Hubspot shows that almost 80% of businesses include blogging in their marketing strategy regular posting on their company’s blog are able to successfully attract customers this way. As much as 82% of companies consider blogging efforts as vital to their business, according to the same report.


Here are some reasons why blogging is important for business:


1. Search Engine Optimization


The search engines prioritize relevant, fresh content. Blogging is proved to be one of the most inexpensive methods for offering unique and useful content for your audience. By consistently publishing a blog on a regular basis, your website is constantly providing Yahoo, Bing, and Google some fresh content to crawl and index. Businesses can take advantage of blogging in order to insert some relevant keywords in their posts. That way, their potential customers can find their brand when searching for the types of products or services offered.


2. Strong Relationships With Customers


Branding and online marketing try to increase customer engagement. Company blogs provide a good opportunity to build trust with your audience and to connect with customers. Relevant, unique, and quality content is vital for boosting customer engagement. Your site visitors can interact with your company in the comments section, which makes a great way of building relationships and trust.


3. Opportunities For Sharing


Blogging creates the opportunity for your visitors to share your blog posts on social media. This creates the potential for an exponential audience and market growth through viral traffic. Sharing your posts makes a free marketing tool that can greatly increase your online exposure. That way, you can establish yourself as an industry expert. According to First Page Marketing, well-written blog posts demonstrate you are a leading company and show your expertise in your field. Your customers can benefit from the useful information you provide them with your company’s services and products.


4. Inbound Links


According to Simple Marketing Now, with highly informative and educational blog posts content, you can attract many inbound links from other websites. If they come from authority sources that have a high reputation, these links not only drive direct targeted traffic to your company’s website but also indirectly help you increase your site ranking.


5. Support Offline Business Activities


Even in our times of technological revolution, not all activities take place online. A company can usually have many activities that are not necessarily reflected on its website. For example, its managers can participate in in-person interviews, endorsements or TV shows, they can attend trade shows and various events. A static company website usually is not reflecting all these activities taking place offline. However, a blog can cover interviews, presentations and background perspectives on all these business events. It can also include relevant links to useful resources and address your audience’ questions.



Why Blogging is Important for Business

blogging for business

November 21, 2018