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In today’s world, most companies maintain an online presence. They may spend thousands of dollars in the process of creating the right website with a robust shopping cart and an outstanding design. However, the website content is the most important part. It’s the unique and relevant content that makes your company website one of the most important marketing and branding tools. The content sells and creates a great image for your business far better than site functionality, programming, site developing and site design.


According to the reputable online marketer Neil Patel, engaging content should trigger a response in your website’s audience. User-focused, strong content provides your audience with the information they need in order to decide to purchase your services or products.


According to Search Engine Land, visitors coming to your website want to know your qualifications and expertise, your company policies, and whether or not your products or services will meet their needs. Your website content should clearly answer these questions.


Here are some tips to create engaging content for your website:


1. Eliminate grammatical and misspelling errors. 


Your website content should be error free. Some occasional grammar or spelling error may always make their way to your content. However, you should carefully proofread and edit your content in order to maintain your credibility and company image.


2. Use active words. 


Rather than just passively read your content, active words engage visitors on your website. The reader immerses in your website content and feels part of your company’s story.


3. Establish your voice. 


Your business website should establish and maintain a unique voice. This will help build your brand and keep it distinct from any other brand on the net. Your content should be unique and express a certain personality. Your website’s voice should be well fitted for your industry and your company.


4. Make your content scannable. 


Before committing to read more deeply, many visitors on your website will scan your content in order to quickly find the topics that interest them the most. Therefore, it is advisable to format and write your content in such a way that your visitors can easily scan it in order to find the main points without the need to read in-depth.


5. Focus more on benefits rather than features.


While some features of your services or products can make an important sales tool, far more convincing is to discuss the benefits your customers could receive. Purchasing decisions are usually based on emotions, while features are just logical and rational. Only benefits can address your potential customers on an emotional level and convince them of the opportunity to buy what your company has to offer.







How to Make Engaging Content for Your Website


December 20, 2018